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Telephones are no longer just a means of contacting another party.  Telephone systems encompass a range of uses and functions.  An efficient, well planned system enhances the communications of a facility impacting the bottom line.

In researching for a telephone system not only is the capabilities of a system important, but the ability to integrate the telephones with other equipment is vital.  This includes voicemail/auto-attendant, IVR, paging systems, etc.

NTC, Inc. as your telephone vendor will survey your business and marry your needs and finances for an optimum system for you.  An understanding of your business will aid in developing a full communications system that address your particular needs. Since this is not a cookie cutter approach, you have greater value for your investment.

With over twenty-seven years of experience, NTC, Inc. is backed by not only reputable manufacturers, but by the training, versatility, and commitment of our staff. 

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