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Product Overview                      



Drawing from Sennheiser's longstanding audio expertise, these products bring exceptional sound quality, infrared wireless technology, and precision engineering to the assistive listening market.


Aviation & Broadcast Headsets
Bringing Sennheiser to the air and the announcing booth, these products provide the finest communication available.


Conference Systems
Incorporating Sennheiser's legendary audio quality and infrared technology, Sennheiser conference systems are the natural choice for professional conferencing.


A new family of microphones and headphones... setting new standards in live performance... at real-world prices.


For the walkman at the gym to the finest audiophile systems in your home, Sennheiser represents the very finest in headphone quality today.


Interpretation Systems
From interpreter to audience, a simultaneous language translation system can be easily designed as a fully-integrated solution utilizing the Televic Interpreter System and Sennheiser's Multi-Channel Infrared System.


Infrared Wireless
Sennheiser IR wireless systems are ideal for interference-free assistive listening and language interpretation for conferences, courtrooms, museums, and other applications.


Whether you're looking for dynamic, shotgun, wireless, or miniature - Sennheiser makes the best in the business.
RF Wireless
Evolution Wireless, Digital 1000, 3000/5000 Series Wireless.


Soundfield Direct Ear SAS
A flexible Soundfield classroom system using Sennheiser's award-winning wireless technology. The Direct Ear SAS generates crystal-clear sound and facilitates interference-free multiple system use.


Designed so a guide can speak at normal conversational level and be heard and understood by an entire group - even in high-noise areas - the Sennheiser TourGuide system allows any tour to be conducted more successfully.

Northeast Total Communication offers a wide variety of products and manufactures.

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