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One glance at any of today's Art Audio creations silences the common question. "What's in a name?" Sometimes, things do mean exactly what they imply. Art for the Eyes, Art for the Ears has been the company's guiding principle from inception. It simply insists that audio equipment dedicated to producing superior sound should embody superior aesthetics.
In fact, such is the cooperation between both firms that the unexpected emergence of KR's PX-25 tube was a direct consequence of Joe's fondness for the original VT-40 triode. He wanted to fashion an amplifier to recreate its sonic qualities, yet employ a contemporary tube readily available. When Joe committed to the protracted design work necessary to adapt existing transformers to the unique requirements of his new tube, Riccardo committed to reviving the long since discontinued PX-25. The eponymous Art Audio PX 25 is the result of this collaboration.

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