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Viking has added a handsfree telephone with keypad to its complete line of door entry and emergency phones. Similar to the K-1900-8, the K-1700-3 is vandal resistant and consists of a heavy duty metal keypad and an attractive and tough brushed stainless steel panel.





Designed for apartments or business complexes with 150 or fewer tenants, the new K-1900-3 has been added to Viking’s existing line of Hot-Line Dialers and Door Entry Systems. The K-1900-3 will store up to 150 telephone numbers in non-volatile E2 memory. When combined with a Touch Tone phone, such as the K-1700-3 or K-1900-8, a call initiated by the K-1900-3 and received by a tenant may be "buzzed" in using the built-in DTMF controlled relay closure.

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The K-1900-8 features a stainless steel panel, armored cable, heavy duty handset, built-in Hot-Line dialer and a vandal resistant keypad for IVR and Touch Tone applications.

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The TMS-2 has been added to Viking's line of Call Sequencers. Designed to give small businesses and offices the appearance of large corporations, the TMS-2 will answer a second line on a specified number of rings and play a user recorded greeting. The caller will then be held until the receiving party is free to take the call

More Hot Line Dialers

tms-rdma.jpg (1906 bytes) The TMS-RDMA is a remote display designed to provide call que information for the TMS-6X and the TMS-12A. The TMS-RDMA will provide a common audible and display the number of the line the oldest call is holding on. Up to 3 TMS-RDMA can be run by either call sequencer.
Photo & Specifications The K-1900-4 turns any phone into a Hot-Line phone. The K-1900-4 is user programmable to store a 1-16 digit phone number. When on off-hook occurs, the K-1900-1 will simply dial its pre-programmed telephone number.
The SO-24 allows a manager to silently monitor phone conversations on 24-240 analog extensions or telephone lines. In addition, the conversation may be joined at any time by dialing a *. When paired with a remote control tape recorder, the SO-24 may also silently tape a specified conversation.

Paging Solutions

lm-24d.jpg (2608 bytes) Designed to work with the LM-24M line scanner or the TMS-6X and TMS-12A call sequencers, the LM-24D provides a desk top display for line status indication.
Designed to work only with Viking's MLC-24, the LM-2 combines an attractive message waiting light with the convenience of a built-in reset button.
pdf-2.jpg (1170 bytes) The PDF-2 operates nearly identically to the FAXJ-300, but the PDF-2 adds the flexibility of two additional ports for such devices as modems and credit card machines. Like the FAXJ-300, the PDF-2 also supports "Distinctive Ringing" provided by most phone companies.

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