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Partner ACS Systems

The Partner ACS System is the affordable Avaya / Lucent system for your small business

The Partner ACS Phone Systems  are designed to give you greater control of your business calls and help you improve customer service. ACS Phone Systems have easy-to-use features like Caller ID and unique line ringing let you personalize your service with every call. Optional complete voice mail and cordless phones help make sure you're always available to your customers. It can even help you use your resources more efficiently, with features like automatic answering, fax management, and live call screening. To help make sure you're always in service, remote administration capabilities of the Partner ACS allows Avaya authorized technicians to perform valuable complete diagnostics and programming for you without having to come to your office.

Merlin Magix System

The Avaya Lucent Merlin Magix is the standard for medium size business communications

The Merlin Magix Integrated System delivers industry-leading communications capabilities in a powerful public branch exchange (PBX) that supports everything from basic voice to Internet access—all from a single platform—helping to make it highly cost-effective and easy to install, service, maintain, and grow.
The Merlin Magix Integrated System has been designed to meet the evolving communications needs of small- and mid-sized businesses. It's flexible and scalable, and can grow as your company grows, up to 80 lines and 200 extensions. The Merlin Magix Integrated System is the perfect choice for small companies looking for the latest communications features, as well as for larger companies with branch offices. The system's networking capabilities let multiple locations communicate across the public telephone network or across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.
  • Full communications capabilities via the phone, Web, video, or e-mail
  • "Always on" high-speed Internet access
  • Call center support for personalized, around-the-clock customer service
  • Comprehensive messaging
  • Support for wireless phones for mobility management
  • Powerful cost savings through equipment and network optimization, including multi-site networking
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Merlin Magix Integrated System is easy to administer and maintain, helping you save time and money. Programming is quick and simple with Windows-based System Programming and Maintenance (WinSPM) software, a user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) which provides on-screen icons and menu choices to guide you through the administration process. WinSPM software provides convenient access to your current system information, giving you a comprehensive picture of your system and station programming, instead of isolated features or function screens.


Definity BCS Telephone System - Competitve Prices

Definity BCS Communications are the premier choice of larger businesses all over the U.S.

The cost-effective system designed for high growth, Definity BCS provides cost-effective communications capabilities starting from 40 telephones and able to grow to 25,000. Definity BCS gives customers the core competencies Definity systems are known for - reliability, expandability and security - along with applications such as wireless, call center, and messaging. All at a cost effective price.
Definity solutions support the advanced capabilities that today's successful businesses require. Networking and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) bring voice and data together, providing the power of a converged communications environment. Messaging, Mobility and Call Center applications enhance company productivity and increase convenience and responsiveness for customers and other callers. World-class Services and support help you manage the communications that are such a vital link to your business. And a variety of system accessories are real productivity enhancers, adding to the effectiveness of your communications.
  • The Definity BCS (Business Communication System) from Lucent / Avaya is the communication platform for today's larger business.
  • The Definity BCS Grows to over 1000 ports.
  • Powerful Voice Messaging and E - mail integration.
  • Networking capabilities so you can connect locations.


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