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Audio is important in various environments. The amplification of sound needs to be clear, concise and intelligible.

Many components comprise the structure of the sound system. Northeast Total Communications, Inc. ensures that the amplifiers, speakers, microphone, mixers are of the highest quality. Installation respects the aesthetics of the venue or concealed in the decor.

Integrating the sound system with other systems is required in some applications. Paging with the telephone or wireless intercom systems

is often a request. Correcting audio deficiencies in churches and auditoriums presents a challenge.

With updates in technology, attention to the needs and finances of the customer, and over twenty-seven (27) years of experience contacting Northeast Total Communications, Inc. for your audio concerns is your best choice.

A pressure wave motion propagated in an elastic medium (air) producing an auditory sensation in the ear by the change of pressure at the ear. Sound waves are produced by a vibrating body in contact with air.

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